281Z Womens Military Stretch Cotton Underwear T-Shirt – Tactical Hiking Outdoor – Punisher Combat Line (Olive Drab, Small)



281Z Punisher Combat T-shirt is designed for the variety of possible use. From climbing the mountain to doing your everyday
workout – this t-shirt will work its magic for you no matter what the circumstances are. This t-shirt is designed to perform.
Sports, workout, hiking, trekking, fishing, hunting – you can tackle everything in this t-shirt. The comfortable fit and design does
not interfere with your movement, and sits tight in the body, totally eliminating the possibility that the fabric will clog up under
the pack or top layer of clothing.

The fabric is soft to the touch, but durable. Being an organic cotton – it keeps the moisture balance better then fast-drying synthetic
fabrics, which helps to avoid overheating when it’s hot, and it also breathes better than the majority of synthetics, so you won’t sweat
with your warm jacket on.

Special design of shoulders and sides of the t-shirts makes the use of body armor or load-bearing gear much more bearable, because the
shoulder straps won’t clog up the fabric and push on the seams killing any discomfort on the root. And it’s also usable as a neat casual t-shirt.
It will show everyone that you know what’s what in performance wear, but you won’t look like you’ve just came from the wild. So no matter, i
f you are a soldier, law enforcement of police officer, hiker that like to hit the trail, sportsman, climber, hunter, fisherman, cyclist. If you are in
desert, forest, tundra, arctic, jungle.

*281Z Development Group is a group of specialists in military gear that participated in the soldier’s personal equipment enchancement
program of Ukrainian Armed Forces from 2015 to 2016. From 2016 to 2018 281Z Development Group cooperated with the popular Ukrainian
military brand.

All products, that were developed by 281Z are thoroughly tested in field active conditions and have proven their quality in combat.VERSATILITY. This T-Shirt works great during hiking, sport, workout or any other activity or sport. It can be comfortably used as undershirt with the body armor, backpacks, load-bearing or climbing gear. And also 281Z Punisher Combat T-Shirt can also be used as casual t-shirt, it works great in everyday use.
PROVED IN COMBAT. This T-shirt is widely used in Ukrainian armed forces and law enforcement agencies, and has repedeately proved its performance in various combat situations and rough battlefield conditions.
Made in Ukraine. Quality proved in combat.
Machine wash, permanent press: initial water temperature should not exceed 40C/105F. Iron medium, max temp. 150C/302F. DO NOT: Dry clean, Bleach, Tumble dry.

Price: $20.49

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